Monday, April 26, 2010

"Spring" in Comayagua

While spring is getting into full swing over in the US, I just thought I would give you guys a picture of what life is like here in Comayagua with the changing seasons. Gone are the pleasantly warm, dry days and now we are full swing into the rainy season. Basically when I am not at school (where there is A/C) I am sweating and my not really all that warm shower feels EXCELLENT. During the "cold" season only a few months ago, this shower to me was unbearably cold. About 5 days of the week, there is a thunderstorm in the afternoon about 4 or 5 pm, and we even had a day with 3 thunderstorms in a row. It has been difficult to do laundry because of this :P The unpaved roads have been quite muddy lately, and on my friend's street, people have been plodding around with plastic bags over their shoes! We have been seeing lots of what my American friend calls Junebugs and what Hondurans call Ronrones... basically big clumsy light brown beetles that tend to fly into just about anywhere and crash-land awkwardly. Probably the best part of the season, which thankfully isn't nearly as wet as the rainy season I experienced in Costa Rica, is the fact that the mango trees in our backyard are finally heavy with fruit. Occasionally the wind will knock one off with a loud thunk. We can't wait to start making mango jam, mango chutney, mango salsa... Mmmmmmmm So there you go, just a quick picture of the changing seasons here in Honduras :)