Sunday, August 30, 2009

Vital Stats

Just a brief update... basically on how to keep track of me and send me presents if you´re so inclined... :)

Any snail mail should be sent to the school at the following address:
Escuela Bilingüe Honduras
P.O. BOX #50
Boulevard “Cuarto Centenario”
Comayagua, Honduras
Central America

Why the school? Because the street I live on doesn´t have a name, haha! My address is something like this... Barrio San Blas, the black door with the number 3 on it next to the Pulperia Gabriela.

My house phone is:
(504, country code for Honduras) 772-4576

I will probably get a cell phone in the next few weeks as my social life picks up, haha.

If you´re inclined to come visit, here are the school holidays that I´m working with so you can see me without me being at school all day:
Sept 16 - 18
Nov 16
Nov 27
(I´ll probably be home for Christmas, holiday from Dec 14 - Jan 1)
March 22 - April 2 (holy week and the week before, one of the BIGGEST DEALS in Comayagua)
June 18 - July 6 (the time between when school ends and when I fly home)

Other than that, come anytime, but just know that I´ll only have weekends off :)


I´d love to hear from you guys!!



  1. I'm so sad I missd your going away stuff... Are you only teaching for the one year? This school reminds me a lot of my school from Peru. Loved the open air "hallways", and very very similar demographics - like many int'l schools.

    VERY proud of you, and I hope you decide to stick with it beyond the year. This kind of job seems to me like something that blends a lot of your passions.

    Much love,


  2. My contract is for a year. I suppose I can renew if they ask me back. Next year, however, I will make SURE that I´m teaching Earth Science, since i was disappointed that I´m only teaching bio and chem this year. Chem is good, but bio will be a lot of relearning for me. I think it makes sense to do more than one year, since it seems like teachers can build continuity and improve upon last year´s lessons that way.

    and by the way, I´m sorry I missed you, too!! Hopefully we can catch up around christmas... I may have access to a car for those few weeks.

  3. I'm a little late in reading this, but it's pretty funny about your address. My clients from Central America usually have similar ones - something like 3 blocks down from the corner in Canton something in the Valley. love you Central America.