Monday, November 15, 2010

What´s a party without food??

A little cultural note. So there´s this weird thing about parties in Honduras... I have noticed this at the Senior Graduation party last year, baby showers, at pretty much every work-related party and even at kids´ birthday parties at church. Any party in Honduras that is not hosted by Americans will be this way...

They don´t serve food until the VERY END.

At first I thought maybe coming fashionably late to a party was, well, fashionable. Now I think it´s a survival technique. You see, when you get to an American party there are usually hors d´oevres or some kind of buffet table. In fact, this may be the only food at the party, but it keeps getting replenished as the night goes on. When you arrive at a Honduran party, there is NOTHING. Maybe soda. Maybe one bag of chips for 50 people. People warned me when I first got to Honduras especially before work events that I should eat something before I went. I was like oh no, I shouldn´t eat too much because they will serve the food soon and then I won´t be hungry or I´ll eat too much. Now I eat a full dinner and then go to the party where I will *maybe* eat another dinner 6 hours later. I say this because I actually left one party because I was so hungry and thought I would be able to eat within an hour of arriving. I simply couldn´t take it anymore and went to fix dinner at home (the hosts were kind of mad at me, but hey, lesson learned)!!!

So the big question is... why?? There is a common saying here in Honduras that something like ¨Indio comido, indio ido.¨ ¨Indio¨ here is more used to insult oneself than to actually insult other people (that I´ve noticed) and it´s kinda like hillbilly. So Hillbilly eats, hillbilly leaves. Based on general bad manners of wanting a free meal, people serve the food at the VERY END, like midnight if the party starts at 6 or 7, because they want people to stay and keep them company. They think everyone will leave if they serve the food too early. I think it´s kind of a vicious cycle... the longer you wait to serve the food because you want people to stay, the more they just want to leave!!! So next time you are invited to a Honduran party, enjoy the company, the games, etc., but please, do yourself a favor and EAT before you go :)


  1. That's an interesting post & I had not really thought about that before but it's true!

  2. Heheh, El Jefe had a big laugh over "indio comido, indio ido"! I haven't seen too much of the waiting until midnight to eat, but I have seen the rush to the door after eating. It's sad and I feel so sorry for the hosts.

  3. As a Honduran I will never understand how can the people serves the food until the very end, to me is very rude to the people who came, I totally agree with you What´s so interesting is that in our family every time we had to make patties we would have a lot of people, even if you invite only the mother and father, they´ll bring, sons, sisters and even sisters in law and grandpa and grandma(Toda la tropa), this might seems an exaggeration but happened many times in our patties, so let me say that one speculation and coud be the reason of why this happens to(Besides trying to keep peoples company) is to try to reduce the crow because there is not enough food, not the hundreds that they invite but for the unexpected triple or more guesses that were not invited. My mom and sisters always cook more than enough just because we know our people. This still happens.
    We Always though we had enough drinks or food, but sometimes it got bad and we had to star cutting the portions, we even sometimes do plan B, serve snacks or a lot of drink. You know people also ask for big plates for there kids, many many bad habits(Actually why bring kids on adults patty, I have no Idea), I have a lot of experience in this subject good and bad, from inside and out side.

    Good Article. Indio comido dispusto al camino is also another saying. and yes never go to the patty without eating is a huge mistake.

  4. This was funny. I learned this lesson the hard way, too. Eating and rushing out is the Honduran norm.

  5. Snacks seem to be delicious. Went for a dinner party arranged by my friend at one of the fascinating rental spaces for parties some weeks back. Lavish arrangement but my favorite was Lebanese. And cupcakes were of really good quality. Liked the soothing music and welcome part done by her.