Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I haven't posted in a while...

...because I have secretly become a Honduran money launderer.

Just kidding! Although I did just wash these bills from my hubby's pants pocket by accident.  I think the new
 plastic 20 lemp bill held up the best :P

Here's a quick update on my life.  Despite the blog's name, I am no longer Diana IN Honduras, although I am temporarily back for the month of July 2013.  In July 2012, after completing my third year as a science teacher at a bilingual school in Comayagua (and completing my M.Ed. online), my husband and I moved to the US.  I had my half-Honduran daughter there in January, and we are back introducing her to her Honduran family here this summer.  Lots of big life changes!  But Honduras and its people are always in our hearts, minds, and prayers.  I have a few updates from my time back so far to post!  Stay tuned...

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