Sunday, September 4, 2011

Mes de la Patria

September 1st here in Honduras kicked off la Mes de la Patria, or "Patriotic Month." Throughout September and into the beginning of October, there are several national and civic holidays including Flag Day (Sept 1st), Children´s Day (Sept 10th), Independence Day (Sept 15th), Teacher´s Day (September 17th), Independence Scrolls Day (September 28th), and Francisco Morazan Day (October 3rd--commemorating a national hero). We have assemblies or events for all of these days (and there are probably a few that I am missing) and it is the busiest time of year for the Honduran social studies teachers. Here are some photos from the happenings of the first few days of September.
Here is a photo of my husband´s nephew and I, posing with the Honduran flag he made for his school´s event on September 1st
The mural done by 9th grade for Flag Day on Sept 1st
Classroom window decorations in the preschool area.
Our elementary level traditional folkdance group, who recently won several national trophies at competitions in Santa Barbara and La Ceiba, and who did an encore performance of their dances at our acto civico (civic assembly) on Sept 1st.

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  1. Hi Diana,
    I was searching for information regarding the school that you teach at in Honduras. We are considering helping an 8 year old little girl attend there this year. She has lived with us in America for 15 months and is returning home next week. Her English is good and she is very smart. Any information you could give me would be really appreciated. The costs, transportation, calender etc..
    Thank you
    Laura Knoop